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We provide Certified Golf Coaches with a unique set of web-based tools that allow them to enhance their skills, grow their business, and interact with world renowned coach and experts in sport science. 


Every once in a while you are fortunate enough to attend a professional seminar that has an immeasurable impact. This is one of them. Dr. Jensen believes... Cathy MacPherson

Truly an eye opener! This has been an intense program that validated my own believes in the way the game of golf should be learned, practiced and played! Alicia Dibos

Attending Dr. Rick Jensen's Golf Coaches Certification program has truly been one of the best things that I have ever done for myself and my business in... Paul Horton

Dr. Jensen is revolutionizing golf instruction. The Certified Golf Coaches program has enabled me to become a real coach of the game. I recommend this... John Perna

I have been a member of the PGA since 1977 and teaching and coaching the game of golf is my passion. I recently attended Dr. Rick Jensen's Golf Coaches... Rick Krebs

I first started working with Dr. Rick Jensen in 1993 and his knowledge was instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of playing on the LPGA tour. Now... Patricia Baxter-Johnson

I am proud to be a part of this coaching association because Dr. Rick's expertise and knowledge will shine through each one of us. The golf industry is... Scott Wickham

This course was life changing for me! I'm having to reevaluate where I'm at and how to move my business in the direction of coaching. I have so much more... Stan Sayers

The Golf Coaches Certification program given by Dr. Jensen was one of the best programs I have ever taken. It was very informational, engaging and productive.... Brian Varsey

The Golf Coaches Certification was ¨Ė by far Ė the most useful three-and-a-half days I've spent to improve myself as a coach and business owner. Dr. Rick's... Trent Wearner

The golfing culture has misled golfers about the process one must go through to improving oneís game. Dr. Jensen did a great job of explaining the four... Tom O'Brien

To be involved with an elite group of individuals who treat golf training like other sports is wonderful. The Certified Golf Coaches Association Program... Bob Percey

Dr. Jensen offers a coaching certification program that has exposed me to a revolutionary approach to improving my instruction skills. Dr. Rick shared... Steve Patterson

Although I have had a coaching program for the past 12 years, the Certified Golf Coaches Association program I attended tied up many loose ends for me.... Jackie Cannizzo

Dr. Rick Jensenís Certified Golf Coaches training has provided me with the necessary tools to offer more effective high-impact, long-term development programs.... Laird White

Rick understands the teaching industry better than anyone I know. This Certification will forever change the perception of how golf should be taught as... Eve VanderWeele

Dr. Rick Jensen's Certified Golf Coaches Association training should be a prerequisite for all golf coaches and instructors. Not only will certified coaches... Bill McInerney

This program is brilliant! Thank you, Dr. Jensen, for paving the way to a more effective approach to golf instruction. The Certified Golf Coaches Association... Trillium Sellers

I cannot think of a more qualified person that I could have spent four days with than Dr. Rick Jensen. It was a wonderful learning experience and I would... Joey Wuertemberger

Having played on the European and LPGA Tours for 15 Years, I have the experience of understanding what it takes to improve and I know it is much more than... Patricia Meunier-Lebouc

This program is one of the few imperative programs that any serious golf instructor MUST attend. It guides you through the steps it takes to go from acceptable... Dom DiJulia

There is nothing else like this in the world of golf instruction. This program has transformed my ability to get students to the next level. This is a... Cheryl Anderson

I really think this is the new way to teach golf. Iíve learned the practical tools needed to help my students learn more effectively. I hope this is the... Kevin Weeks

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