GGC 503 - Advanced Coaching Situations & Solutions - Opening Your Eyes to Potential Blind Spots in Your Coaching

As golf instructors, you regularly identify “faults” and prescribe “fixes” in your students’ golf games; however, it’s not often that you get “fix” the “faults” that you unknowingly engage in while teaching.  In Advanced Coaching Situations and Solutions,you will gain insights into coaching strategies that you didn’t know you didn’t know as you learn the blind spots common among well-intentioned, experienced golf instructors. Drawing upon player and instructor case studies, Henry and Dr. Rick will share what they’ve discovered as the common coaching “faults” made by instructors, why they make them, and how they can “fix” them. 
This interactive, hands-on training provides you with the opportunity to examine your own coaching blind spots. Bring your golf gear and come prepared to engage in training activities as you learn while doing.  All activities are complemented by debriefing sessions providing you with specific solutions that you can apply immediately to your coaching.



The following four Advanced Coaching Situations and Solutions will be addressed:


·       Transfer Training - Discover how and when instructors unknowingly reduce the likelihood of their players’ ability to take it to the course. Learn how to effectively facilitate transfer training.
 o   Attentional Considerations When Improving a Player’s Technique
o   Delivering Feedback that Enhances Long-Term Retention of Skill
o   Integrating Mental Skills Training & Ball-Control Skills Training 


·       Accelerating Learning – Learn how and when the delivery of instruction, technology, and feedback can inhibit skill acquisition--- and what you need to know to employ each effectively.

 o   Implicit vs. Explicit Coaching Strategies
o   Appropriate Use of Technology
o   Feedback Tools & Strategies that Enhance Skill Acquisition


·       The Learning Environment - Discover how your learning environment (practice tee and green, on-the-course training, training aids) inhibits and contributes to students’ learning.
o   Effective Application of Knowledge of Results (KR) and Knowledge of Performance (KP)
o   Appropriate Use of Technology
o   Feedback Tools & Strategies that Enhance Skill Acquisition


·       Off-the-Tee Situations – Uncover the “off-the-tee”considerations that significantly impact student learning and performance.  Learn when and how to review with students.

 o   Addressing Player Motivation – The Fuel to High Achievement
o   Club Fitting Impacts on Learning & Performance
o   Utilizing Performance Analytics to Improve Practice & Mental Toughness
o   Establishing Realistic Expectations


CGC 503 - Advanced Coaching Situations & Solutions

Monday, January 22, 2018
8:00AM-4:30PM EST 
The Tranquilo Golf Club @ Four Seasons Resort
Orlando, FL

Tuition - $595

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Instructor Bios

Dr. Rick Jensen is a renowned sport psychologist and author of Drive to the Top! and Easier Said Than Done: The Undeniable, Tour-Tested Truths You Must Know (and Apply) to Finally Play to Your Potential on the Golf Course. Dr. Jensen has coached over 50 PGA and LPGA Tour pros who have combined to win over 200 Tour victories and 33 major championships.
Henry Brunton is one of the world's leading golf coaches and author of Journey to Excellence: The Young Golfer's Complete Guide to Achievement and Personal Growth and High Performance Golf. Brunton was the Royal Canadian Golf Association's National Golf Coach from 1999-2011, and he is a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and creator of the Canadian PGA's Teaching and Coaching Certification program.