Our mission is to help golf instructors embrace the benefits of modern golf coaching, master advanced coaching tools and strategies, and make a better living and live a better life.

The Need for Certified Golf Coaches

Golf Teaching Professionals have unknowingly engaged in and perpetuated a flawed golf instruction model that has significant limitations:

  • The teaching of technical swing mechanics without sufficient understanding of the science of skill acquisition
  • Promoting unrealistic learning and performance expectations
  • Insufficient contact time with students
  • Lack of a customized, step-by-step, practice plan that is geared toward on-course performance
  • No accountability to results
Certified Golf Coaches are committed to providing golfers with an alternative to the traditional teaching paradigm by offering students:
  • Coaching that is in alignment with the science of skill acquisition
  • Student-Centered environments that deliver improved performance on the course.
  • Unparalleled Support to students during practice to maximize the return on investment of their time.
  • Best Practices in Coaching obtained through industry leading training, networking, and continuing education.

Why Become Certified?

Around the world, people are realizing that traditional golf instruction is ineffective. The Certified Golf Coaches Association focuses entirely on supporting the world’s top instructors in their pursuit of excellence by helping them:

  • Develop World-Class Coaching Skills
  • Improve Student Learning and Performance
  • Gain Recognition as Industry Leaders
  • Differentiate Themselves from Less-Qualified Teachers
  • Earn a Six-Figure Income
  • Make a Better Living, Live a Better Life

Additionally, we provide Certified Golf Coaches with a unique set of web-based tools that allow them to:

  • Continue their learning via monthly educational webinars
  • Interact with leading coaches and industry experts
  • Access a video library of best practice coaching drills and strategies
  • Grow their Brands with Enhanced E-Communication Tools
  • Interact with a Global Network of Industry Leading Professionals

We strive to deliver on-going support and exceptional tools and resources to our growing network of Certified Golf Coaches. Click here for more (link to ‘become a member’)

Certification Pathway

Becoming a Master Certified Golf Coach includes:

1. Minimum of 5 years of golf instruction experience
2. Completion of Requisite Training (CGC 1, 2, 101, 201, 301, 401, and 501)
3. Active membership in the Certified Golf Coaches Association
4. Provision and delivery of comprehensive coaching programs
5. Successful completion of the Certified Golf Coaches interview and coaching audit.

Completion of Requisite Training

To be awarded the Master Certified Golf Coach designation, golf professionals must acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience that differentiate them from traditional fault-and-fixes golf instructors. Training Workshops will not only provide the knowledge Golf Professionals need to become coaches, but also opportunities to use the skills they learned, in applied environments. It is recommended (but not required) that training workshops be completed in sequence (CGC 1, 2, 101, 201,. . . ). Candidates for the Master Certified Golf Coach designation are given a comprehensive interview and coaching audit at the conclusion of their required training. The interview and audit are designed to ensure that all Master Certified Golf Coaches have achieved sufficient knowledge, understanding, and application of golf coaching.

Certified Golf Coaches Association

The development of expertise requires knowledge, time, and experience. The Certified Golf Coaches Association provides the opportunities for coaches to engage in continuous learning and on-going support from Dr. Rick Jensen and Henry Brunton, as well as other Master Certified Golf Coaches around the world. The goal of the association is to give coaches on-demand access to the tools that they need to improve the performance of their students, enhance their business, and sharpen their coaching skills.