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CGC 502 - Developing a World-Class Junior Golf Program

"Developing a World Class Junior Program” is a dynamic and interactive one-day training program designed to train PGA/LPGA Professionals to organize, promote and execute outstanding junior programming that gets results. You will work directly with renowned Golf Coach Educator Henry Brunton. Participants will learn how to apply the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) for golf. You will be given step by step guidance as well as hands-on practical training, tools and templates so that you can take your junior program and business to the next level. Don’t miss this unique training opportunity if you teach kids, are interested in teaching kids or if you are responsible for junior programming at your club.


  • Understanding Children
    • Stages of development
    • Motor learning/skills acquisition strategies
    • How to effectively engage and reach kids
    • Social/emotional considerations
    • Developing children through sport
  • Understanding and Supporting Parents
    • Needs, wants and expectations
    • How to conduct a parent support seminar
    • How to make them raving fans-referrals
  • Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
    • What is it?  How do you apply it to junior golf?
    • How to develop physical literacy for kids
    • Understanding the stages of development
    • How to develop programs that are LTAD compliant
    • What does a world class junior program look like?
  • Developing a Junior Program for Your Facility
    • How to plan a junior golf program
    • How to market, promote and sell junior golf programming
    • Component programs-Skills development clinics, camps, season-long coaching programs
    • How to effectively train staff and support personnel
    • Recommended equipment and supplies
    • Best practices examples
    • Pitfalls to avoid
  • The Business of Junior Golf
    • Business planning for junior golf
    • How to price your programs
    • How to maximize value for the clients
    • How to make the most money possible-business planning
    • Necessary equipment and costs
    • How to partner with facilities-win/win
    • Ancillary revenue opportunities
    • How to plan for future growth
    • Best practices examples
  • Competitive Juniors
    • Coaching and Athlete Development Programs aligned with LTAD
    • Developing Performance Plans
    • Training Camps for Elite Juniors
    • Supporting athletes in competition
    • College Golf preparation and the NCAA recruiting process/rules
    • Best practices examples


CGC 502 - Developing a World-Class Junior Golf Program

Friday, January 26, 2018
8:00AM-4:30PM EST
Renaissance Orlando @ Sea World
Orlando, FL

Tuition - $395

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Instructor Bio

Henry Brunton is one of the world's leading golf coaches and author of Journey to Excellence: The Young Golfer's Complete Guide to Achievement and Personal Growth and High Performance Golf. Brunton was the Royal Canadian Golf Association's National Golf Coach from 1999-2011, and he is a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and creator of the Canadian PGA's Teaching and Coaching Certification program.