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CGC 401 - Mastering the Mental Game - Skills and Drills that Get Results

Mastering the Mental Game provides golf professionals with the knowledge and tools to incorporate mental skills training into their coaching programs. Instead of your having to refer players to mental gurus, you will learn to develop the confidence and expertise to address the common mental concerns express by players. You will work directly with sport psychologist, Dr. Rick Jensen, and coach Henry Brunton, and you will receive and learn to utilize Dr. Rick Jensen’s Coaching Mental Skills innovative app to ensure that you can effectively assess and develop your players’ mental skills.


  • Overview of the Four Steps to Mastery
  • Understanding Why and When Golf Skills Don't Transfer
  • What are Golf's Common Mental Concerns?
  • Reviewing Industry Mental Training Tools, Programs & Strategies
  • Golf's Six Essential Mental Skills
  • Utilizing "Dr. Rick Jensen's Coaching Mental Skills" App to:
    • Assess a Player's Mental Skills
    • Observe Behavioral Signs and Symptoms
    • Provide Player Recommendations and Summaries
    • Review Customized Coaching Recommendations
    • Discuss Coaching Concepts with Players
    • Provide Players with Targeted Mental Training Activities
  • Coaching Golf's Essential Mental Skills
    • Focus of Energy
    • Intensity Management (High)
    • Intensity Management (Low)
    • Attention Control (BrdNar)
    • Attention Control (InEx)
    • Thought Control
  • How to Address Golf's Common Mental Concerns?
    • First Tee Jitters, Choking, Pressue, Over-Thinking, Anger, Fear
  • The Business of Mental Skills Training
    • Providing Mental Skills Clinics & Seminars
    • Incorporating Mental Skills Training into Your Coaching Program


CGC 401 - Mastering the Mental Game

Friday, January 27, 2017
8am-5pm EST
Renaissance Orlando @ SeaWorld
Orlando, FL
Tuition - $395

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Instructor Bios

Dr. Rick Jensen is a renowned sport psychologist and author of Drive to the Top! and Easier Said Than Done: The Undeniable, Tour-Tested Truths You Must Know (and Apply) to Finally Play to Your Potential on the Golf Course. Dr. Jensen has coached over 50 PGA and LPGA Tour pros who have combined to win over 200 Tour victories and 33 major championships.

Henry Brunton is one of the world's leading golf coaches and author of Journey to Excellence: The Young Golfer's Complete Guide to Achievement and Personal Growth and High Performance Golf. Brunton was the Royal Canadian Golf Association's National Golf Coach from 1999-2011, and he is a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and creator of the Canadian PGA's Teaching and Coaching Certification program.