Should I bring my clubs and golf attire with me for each course?

Yes! All courses include hands-on learning during which you will be asked to engage in golf activities. If bringing your clubs is too inconvenient, clubs will be available for you to use.

Are there any pre-requisites for attending any of the courses?

Attendees should have prior golf instruction knowledge and experience (e.g., understanding the basics of golf swing mechanics). Although not required, completing the introductory courses entitled "The Shift to Modern Golf Coaching” and "Coaching in Action” are the recommended first two courses as they provide a sound foundation upon which advanced courses will build.

Is there an exam?

No! Our goal is to provide education, training and support for coaches who are striving to APPLY proven coaching strategies in their instruction programs. The ability to reproduce the information on an exam is not our measure of success – APPLYING the education and training to be more effective, make a better living, and live a better life is the end goal.

What is the requirement to become "Certified?”

The Certified Golf Coaches Association strives to maintain a high bar for certification in hope of creating a designation that is respected in the industry and truly recognizes those who are effectively "coaching golf.” There is one certification level – Masters Certified Golf Coach. To become Masters-certified, coaches must 1) complete both introductory coaching courses (CGC-shift to, CGC- in action), 2) complete all 4 advanced coaching courses (CGC 101 – CGC 401), 3) be an active member of CGCA, 4) have an established coaching business, and 5) demonstrate coaching proficiency via a coaching panel review / observation / audit.

Are any of the CGC courses the same as those offered by Dr. Rick and/or Henry prior to 2013?

Yes. Prior to 2013, Dr. Rick and Henry offered Certified Golf Coach training at PGA National Resort and at Disney’s Osprey Ridge G.C. Any professionals who completed those courses are exempt from the "CGC-shift to” course and should enroll in higher level CGC courses.

Are any of the CGC courses the same as those provided by Dr. Rick and Henry through the Titleist Performance Institute?

Although Dr. Rick and Henry no longer teach courses for TPI, during 2013, the "CGC-shift to” course was offered as a TPI Level 2 Golf Coach class. All professionals who completed TPI Level 2 Golf Coach in 2013 are exempt from "CGC-shift to” and should enroll in higher level CGC courses.

Is credit provided by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) for courses offered through the Certified Golf Coaches Association (CGCA)?

No. Although Dr. Rick and Henry are TPI advisory board members and support TPI’s course offerings, the courses offered through the CGCA are independent of the TPI offerings.